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Why Working With A Marketing Firm Simplifies Your Life

It is no secret that we are living in a society that prioritizes an environment of quick, easy, and attainable processes. In terms of propelling your company forward with marketing efforts, it is easy to understand why many think the ‘DIY’ approach would be the easiest and most cost-efficient solution. However, like many ‘DIY’ projects, there is usually more to it than meets the eye.  So, here is a list of needs for your in-house marketing.  No worries, all you need is:

1.     Full-time degreed Graphic Designers dedicated to marketing material creation
2.     Video team for commercial pre- and post-production of broadcast and social media content
3.     Internet marketing experts (SEO, analytics, content creation and execution, etc.)
4.     Web developers
5.     Marketing researchers and strategists
6.     Copywriters for content fulfillment

…and so much more. Not to mention, you will need to beef up that operations account for the full-time salaried employee payroll and benefits. Oh, and the equipment and software and licensing required to meet the needs! Oh, and…. well, you get it.

Now that you are stressed out and pressed to know the alternative…

In the spirit of what we wish someone had told us as business owners, we’d want you to know how beneficial and crucial it is to your company success to have a relationship with a marketing firm or an ad agency. (If it is us, even better!) In the spirit of simplicity, here are our top 8 reasons for why you should be looking for a firm to partner with.

 1.     Free Up Your Time

We, as a small business assisting a variety of other small businesses, know that resources are few and far between. You have heard the saying about “wearing many hats?” Yep, that’s us; and if you’re a small business, we would bet that you can relate! Sure, in theory, employing salespeople and a small marketing team may sound effective but more often than not, duties get passed on to varying members of your team. Before you know it, the receptionist has the Instagram and Facebook passwords and is too busy to answer the phone! In order to focus on the internal elements of your business and to have a marketing strategy that doesn’t get lost in translation, partner with an agency. We will gladly take a few hats from you!

2.     Remove Some Players

Without a marketing firm as your agent of record, it is likely that media reps are going to steal a good bit of your time in meetings, emails, and back-and-forth communication. In the midst of the noise, you will feel pressured to sort through the jargon and determine what the most effective and efficient methods are to your marketing and for your budget. Your marketing firm is just as versed in media channels and offerings as the media reps you’re chatting with, so take the uncertainty out of the question with a partner that doesn’t have a dog in the hunt. (Oops, is our Louisiana showing?)

As an added bonus, your marketing firm has negotiating power! Firms, when purchasing media, do so in volume which allows for a lower cost per buy. Not to mention, we know where the “good deals” hide…and where they don’t.

3.     We Are Your One-Stop Shop

Graphic design, media buying, reputation management, SEO services, website development, you name it; a full-service marketing firm does it all! Rather than contracting specialists from every corner and the losing track of their progress, partner with a firm that can not only get it done, but also focus on the details that help to make it the best it can be. Your agent of record has a team of professionals who can create the strategy, the tools to implement it, and keep track of it all on a day-to-day basis.

4.     Accountability

Our purpose is to help you overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your goals through proactive approaches to your marketing. Our success is found in yours; when we check off the boxes for you, we can check them off ourselves! A marketing firm manages your line-item budget so as to streamline your cash flow in monthly review. We are accountable for everything that we produce and our ability to do so in a timely and cost-effective manner.

5.     We Are an Extension of Your Staff

In order to serve you and your company as best we can, we prioritize getting to know you just as well as your staff does! After all, how are we supposed to propel your company forward without extensive knowledge about what it is that you do? Think of your marketing firm as your air traffic controllers: we know the nuances of your company and know how to land your ideal customer. “After takeoff, climb straight ahead to lead nurturing!”

6.     Creativity: Found

Marketing firms are not a place of repetitiveness in personality of team members and KSM is no exception! We are staffed with a variety of professionals who possess a plethora of capabilities, lending to a high level of creativity. Your business is unique, and your marketing creative strategy should be, too.  In the creative department, nothing fits perfectly in a box because with each business the firm represents, there are many different items of all shapes and sizes that go into the complete campaign or branding solution.

7.     Appreciate Objectivity

When creating your budget, marketing strategy, and content; a marketing firm should not be focused on personal preference, but rather the target end-user.  Partner with a firm who provides professional insight into the market climate, consumer behavior and objectively the most effective channels of communication. We are in the business of marketing with your consumer at the forefront of it all. Sure, we might like the more colorful logo and you may too; but a firm standing solid on their expertise will advise based on the best interest of your company with your consumer audience in mind.  This outside perspective on your brand, and an unbiased consultation on your direction; allows for relevant progress and a lineup of achievements to propel you forward. We will give you advise and direction that best suits your ultimate goals!

8.     We Have the Goods (Or the Connections to Get Them!)

Working with a top notch, full-service firm (oh, are we blushing?), you’ll gain access to so many resources that can be difficult to attain on your own. We’re talking photography, media buying, web and app development, audio and video studios, the whole nine. The best part is, our tools are there for your use whenever it is that you need them! Not to mention there is no need for you to worry about communication with multiple outside vendors: we have the relationships and can provide turnkey services with convenience. Similar to a wedding coordinator, we’ll take your vision and turn it into a reality while you sit back and wait for your big day or the pay off!

Ready to give up the stress and lean on a group of marketing professionals who have your back?

We’re ready to get to work on turning your company visions into a reality. We’d say that we’re more than another contracted service, but we’re not a fan of contracts either.  When you work with KSM, approved budgets and project estimates along with a gentleman’s agreement are what binds us.  Without the constraints a contract can sometimes produce, we set out to propel you forward on open and agreeable terms. Your vision coupled with our professional marketing solutions? Geez, who wouldn’t want a dog in that hunt!