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We have moved to the Louisiana Towers in Downtown Shreveport. After 39 years in our Fairfield historic Sam Weiner building, the KSM team is expanded into our 11th floor corner suite of the towers.

We’re Everything You
Need Us to Be as a
Full-Service Agency

From digital media and design to collateral material development, we wear all the hats as an agency and are equipped to tackle any challenge our clients are presented with. We’re the web developer, the reputation manager, the designer, the social media guys, the advertising gurus, and everything you need us to be. Check out our portfolio of expertise and discover how we can meet your needs.

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Meet Our Clients

From automotive to restaurants and professional services, take a dive into our client partnerships and how we morph into the agency mold for each one.

The Client Lineup

Our Clients

Your Most Valuable Asset Because…

Dedicated to Transparency

We know where the pain points often reside in working with an agency: long delays, the lump sum fees, and creative that stays in the box. Good news! We’re not just an agency, we’re the agency. Our client relationships are built on transparency, and we pride ourselves on a promise to keep our clients in the loop both internally and externally.

Champions of Disruption

The technological landscape and the ability of marketers is everchanging and as much as we value tradition, we know the intrinsic value in being ahead of the change and utilizing it to propel our clients and their businesses forward.

Driven by your success

We love to watch our own growth, but we know that our growth derives from the growth and success of those whom we serve. Many of our clients refer to us as an extension of their team and in that role, we are motivated by the notion that your success is also ours.

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