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The Start of the Difference

Almost 20 years ago, the partnership between McCary’s Jewelers and Kalmbach Smith Meadows began. As a local fourth-generation, family-owned business with a strong sense of purpose and identity, McCary’s Jewelers entered the search for an agency with the intention of finding someone to build upon, create, and execute the visions they had. Understanding that our clients know more about their businesses than anyone, we entered the partnership ready to absorb all the relevant knowledge and information and execute most effectively and efficiently. The products and culture of McCary’s Jewelers are integral parts of so many significant, celebratory moments in life and required a marketing strategy that could communicate this value from generation to generation. Over the course of the partnership, McCary’s has reached new heights in quality of product, expertise, artistry, and even their new facility, a custom-built establishment that shines as significantly as the jewels inside.

Seasonal Television Placement

As the ideal medium for effective visual communication and extensive reach, seasonal television placement is the primary medium of choice as there is an ambiance surrounding the industry that can only be captured through story-telling video and imagery. Television placement is made seasonally, as the business is cyclical and revolves around prominent, yearly milestones and celebrations. The commercial talent is often actual customers who jump at the chance to share their love for all things McCary’s!

Google Search & Display

McCary’s Jewelers, by nature, is founded on tradition and that foundation fostered a hesitancy into the digital age. McCary’s trusts the agency to guide the use of search and display, as well as social media marketing including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This trust allows for real-time, measurable progress and with increasing amounts of ad dollars targeted for digital presence and the foresight of McCary’s purchasing team to exclusively offer unique product lines, this partnership develops strong ROI digital marketing.

Upscale Magazine Publication

In a medium-sized market population of over 300,000, this local jeweler’s potential market share is a realistic 20% due strictly to the market profile demographics, as McCary’s offers a shopping experience for affluent consumer luxury purchases. In addition to the hyper targeting of digital and social media, we recommended local and regional upscale magazine publications in the multi-media mix strategy. The select publications have narrowly defined audiences with regular monthly shelf-life presence. Kalmbach Smith Meadows is keen on the value in maintaining a mix of traditional and non-traditional marketing efforts to improve market share and streamline creative message strategy with the placement for optimum results.

Direct Mail Marketing

A long-time favorite for customer communication is direct mail marketing or “snail mail” as it is affectionately called in today’s digital world. McCary’s customer database has proven over the years to be a successful tool for communicating special customer product alerts and VIP experiences. Kalmbach Smith Meadows provides a turn-key experience from message strategy, format specification and graphic design to database management and bulk mail processing.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising, used seasonally in tandem with television placement, affords this client the ability to create immediate recall and call-to-action central to special events. The strategic use of billboard placement in highly trafficked and high-income areas, as well as keen negotiations of inventory rotation, maximizes the expected return of this platform. Media buying power focuses on cost per thousand and viable inventory, as well as strong message dissemination for digital strategic rotation per location, equates to a successful Kalmbach Smith Meadows... outdoor effort.
“The McCary’s Jewelers family is family to us. Our partnership goes beyond the consultation and management of the account to a much deeper trust and appreciation for the immense talents of this family operation, which has been a gem to our society for 80 years….and counting! What a privilege to not only work with them, but also have had them share in so many of my own life moments!”
- Cindy Smith, KSM Owner