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2021: Steps To Success For The Everyday Entreprenuer

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart!  The benefits and perks all sound great, but there is a treacherous journey for everyday entrepreneurs that is a most definitely the path less traveled.  To achieve ultimate success, however it is defined, requires determination, fortitude, focus and diligence. Here are some steps to help build your path to success.

1. As the world-class Olympiad, Michael Phelps says “Progress, not perfection!”

Progress, not perfection is a mantra that will afford you the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve in your business.  When you strive for perfection, you will most often be met with disappointment because we as humans are destined to make mistakes.  However, if you allow the mistakes to act as hindrance, you will effectively revert your plans for progress.  Progress is the result of learning from the mistakes and applying the learning to result in improvements.

2. Surround yourself with a team of diverse and capable individuals.

There is beauty in diversity.  A strong leader will employ people who bring unique traits and skill sets to the table and allow them to do their jobs.  With earned respect and trust, these individuals can truly capture your vision and transform your business, accelerating its growth.

3. Stay ahead of the curve.

If you confess that you are staying on course, you might as well throw up the white flag.  Staying on course is a sure-fire way to be reactive, rather than proactive.  Staying ahead of the curve will keep you proactively seeking the extraneous variables that often shape direction and destination.

4. Don’t quit!

The cash flow, the constant battle to build revenue, to grow exponentially instead of laterally, targeting good hires and improving retention, and tackling the competitive landscape; these are all variables of which provide daily stresses on an entrepreneur.  Sometimes the climb seems too step, but it is important to not quit! Perseverance exemplified in the face of struggle is the personification of strength, will and character.  Dig deep and keep pushing ahead!

5. Network and market.

There is certainly nothing wrong with quietly going about your way, but you should also be willing to toot your own horn, build your circle of influence, and make your company marketable.  This requires not only getting out of the box but getting rid of the box all together.  None of those who are successful reach the top alone.  Every successful entrepreneur is supported by and supportive of those in their market and community.  Position yourself as a leader and look to see where you and your business can most make a difference.

There are so many factors that make entrepreneurs successful in their endeavors. This just scratches the surface!  Contact our office to start a dialogue about how we can partner to maximize your potential.