watch In 1985, Lewis Kalmbach founded Kalmbach Advertising, Inc., as a design firm based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Throughout the 1990’s, the company grew to a full-service advertising agency, and opened a satellite office in San Francisco on Main Street. In 2002, Kalmbach Advertising became Kalmbach Smith Meadows (KSM) under the new ownership of Cindy Smith and Andy Meadows. The two purchased the agency to further expand the talents and capabilities, and progress from strictly an advertising agency to a full-service marketing firm. In 2010, Cindy Smith became the sole owner of KSM, and continues today to build the firm on over 30 years of history, relationships and rewards in the industry. If you prefer a partnership in the growth of your business; a talented group of individuals who form an extension of your team and consider the big picture of success, then Un'come vincere sempre alle opzioni binarie è uno strumento derivato in base al quale l'acquirente dell'opzione acquista il diritto, ma non l'obbligo, di acquistare un titolo (detto KSM IS YOUR MARKETING FIRM OF CHOICE.

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  • Business is a lot like tennis - those who serve well usually end up winning.
  • When creative and strategy marry, you get effective marketing!
  • Creativity is intelligence having fun!
  • You get one time out of the gate – be ready and do it right!  There aren’t any mulligans in marketing.
  • We have a load of valuable assets.  They’re called happy clients!
  • Creativity is not one of those things you can use up.  The more you use it, the more you are given!
  • If you are hiring an ad agency, and they tell you they know more about your business than you do; run!
  • Our something every day, every day is quite something.
  • Don’t just think outside the box or draw outside the lines, get rid of them altogether!