Danielle FauberLead Graphic Designer

Danielle found her way to KSM through retail merchandising and sales.  She joined the staff in the fall of 2015, as a Graphic Designer, and brings her infectious love for the arts into everything she does.  She is an old soul with an eye for the traditional and performing arts, and garners inspiration from her special love of anything vintage.  Growing up on her toes dancing, she moves through her work with a fluidness mindful of a stage performance.  She is responsible for daily account design, web development and multi-media graphics; among other less intensive tasks like making sure the office is supplied with a full candy jar!

Danielle was born and raised in Shreveport-Bossier and graduated from LSU Shreveport in December 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design, and concentration in Digital Arts.